Friday, 10 June 2011

"Did Mummy just back into that car? Oh no, not again."

I had this great thought yesterday that it would be fun to start a blog. Turned out to be an absolutely terrible idea and I'm completely computer-illiterate. It took me the last 24 hours and a lot of hair tearing to get to the stage where I can actually post something. I hope no-one is expecting me to have some kind of wise, insightful point of view on life or fashion even because you certainly aren't going to find it here! This blog is just about things that I enjoy, the things that make me smile when I'm having a bad day or my 6 year old son mocks me for being an awful driver. I'm hoping that Covet and Create will be a source of inspiration and entertainment for people that share my love for design. I'm going to use it to amalgamate different ideas I have and to keep a record of the garments I create.

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